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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Into the Mystic


"Okanagan Yoga College not only surpassed my expectations for learning to be a yoga teacher; but, it was their ability to deliver a holistic and integrated transformational experience woven into the training that sets them apart from many of the brand-name experiences. We learned as much about ourselves as human beings, as we did about yoga postures and the physiology behind them. This training is for anyone and everyone, whether you intend to teach yoga or not. You won’t recognize yourself after the training (as with all authentic, impactful transformational work) and the process is truly quite magical. " -Tara LeFevre

     Together we will unravel the wisdom of ancient yoga and reflect on how we can innovate our practice so we can live in harmony with our modern world.


We offer a heart centred teaching and practice style and believe that the first step to becoming an excellent teacher and space holder is diving deep into your own practice to embody the teachings and learn to share from your unique lens. Each day is layered with practices that help you gain insight, build strength in body, mind, and spirit so you can live and lead a self aware and empowered way of life.


We focus on setting a strong foundation in yogic basics, both physical and metaphysical. We rebuild the practice from the ground up, allowing you to shed old habits, and support newer students in understanding from an alignment focused approach. 


Rooted in the belief that every being has a purpose and a powerful message to share, this training encourages your unique gifts to be expressed authentically and powerfully in the support of a conscious community.

We invite, not only those who wish to become teachers, but anyone who wants to take their practice to deeper physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.


Course Outline:

Traditional Philosophy

Anatomy & Biomechanics

Safe and Creative Sequencing 

Teaching Methodology

Breathwork & Sound Journeys

Yoga Nidra & Meditation

Ayurveda 101

Trauma Informed Guidance

Life Path Alignment inspired by the Bhagavad Gita


Investment: $3410. Payment plans available. 

Stay tuned for our next training date announcement!

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- Yoga Teacher Training Kelowna - yoga west kelowna - yoga training - Kelowna yoga - West Kelowna yoga
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