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Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Elevate Aerial Yoga is a comprehensive 4 day training to expand your teaching portfolio into the exciting dynamics of Aerial Yoga! 

You will learn:

-To teach and sequence full balanced classes that seamlessly transition from floor to flying aerial poses and counter poses
-Assist and spot students of all body types and abilities
-Safely guide students in and out of positions
inversions and advanced poses
-Creative Sequencing
-Aerial Fitness and Restorative
-Safe rigging techniques
This training is suitable for instructors of yoga, pilates, dance, fitness etc as well as students who love aerial!
You will be given a Training Manual and Certificate of Completion at the end of your 20 hour program.


Testimonial: "Juliana's incredible spirit and depth of knowledge provided such a strong foundation for trainees during her Aerial Immersion Teacher Training. Very much looking forward to sharing this practice!"

-Megan Milligan

Calgary, AB

Yoga and Meditation
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